Why WordPress Websites Are Good for Small Businesses

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WordPress has become one of the most popular & preferred CMS in the world today. Going beyond a blogging platform, WordPress has a lot of great features through which a great CMS website can be built. Probably this is the reason that most web developers consider WordPress as the first choice to build CMS websites for their clients. In this blog, I am going to share some of the biggest reasons why every small business should consider WordPress for their corporate website development.

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# Free

Without any doubt, we can say that WordPress comes free of cost (with no hidden charges) for everyone to use & develop a corporate website. This is one of the reasons that every small business should choose WordPress website design.

A small business or a new setup has a lot of other expenses for running their business and therefore choosing WordPress for their corporate website development can be helpful for them to manage their finances in the infant stage of their business setup.

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# Powerful CMS

With an exception of the old saying that ‘Nothing comes free, we can say that WordPress does come for free and that too with a powerful CMS platform. You name the feature and WordPress can provide you the ways to incorporate it into your website. Even if you are a retailer and you want to launch an eCommerce website using WordPress, it is very much possible for you because WordPress has a lot of eCommerce modules that you can use and build a powerful online store in a few hours.

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# Flexible

Different businesses can have different requirements for their website development. Through WordPress, you can achieve all.WordPress plugins & themes are very much flexible and can be customized as per your specific requirements. Sometimes you may need the assistance of a WordPress web developer in order to modify the flow of WordPress plugins or change the look and feel of a theme however most of the time, you can do it yourself. All you need to do is attend a basic WordPress website development training program.

# Search Engine Optimization

Due to its easy-to-index framework, WordPress is loved by all search engines, especially Google. There are also several SEO plugins available that you can use and make your website rank on the top pages of search engines.

# Easy to Use

Even if you are a layman and don’t want to dig inside the technical things of WordPress, you can easily manage the content on your website. You can hire an affordable WordPress web developer and get your easy-to-use WordPress website set up. The backend interface of WordPress is so easy to use that you can learn your website management as quickly as 2 hours.

# Mobile Friendly

With the changing trend of web technologies, WordPress supports mobile-friendly themes as well. In fact, most of the themes available today (free or paid) comes with a responsive version which means that all device users can view your website in a mobile-friendly design. So, you don’t need to pay the additional cost to a web designer for converting your website into a responsive design.

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# Muti-user Capability

If you are a small business and rely on external manpower for writing content for you, a WordPress website can help you to add separate logins for your external staff. You can create additional roles for them through which they can log in and manage the only content section of your website. They would not be allowed to access other important areas of your website.

# Marketing Features

There are a lot of plugins that you can install and run on your WordPress website which will enhance the marketing ability of your website. For eg., you can install Mailchimp on your WordPress website easily with a few clicks. This plugin will help your website users to subscribe to your newsletter system and let you send them offers and other promotional messages. This is just an example; WordPress has plenty of useful plugins available free and paid as well.

For a small business or a new startup, spending thousands of dollars on a website could not be feasible and at the same time compromising on the quality for a limited budget could affect your branding. So, using WordPress for corporate website development would be a wise decision because it provides you with both a cost-effective & quality web solution.