Tips to enhance your website download speed

Web Development is a vital step for any online business and it plays a major role in the success or failure of a business too. Don’t you agree with me? I know most of the readers here would not agree with my statement but up to some extent, it’s true.

During my meetings & consultancy with online business owners, I find that most of them are not happy with the web development work their vendors did for them. It’s not about the website design or website cost that their web development company charged them but it’s because of the website performance and their web consultant’s inability to resolve their issues.

One of the issues that most online business owners face is the slow speed of their websites. This is the issue that is faced by not only the business owners but the search engines as well because major search engines like Google consider website speed as one of the major factors for showing the websites in search engine results.

speed optimization website design

So, in this blog post, I will share a few tips that can enhance the loading and surfing time of your website and therefore decrease the bounce rate as well.

Image Optimization

It’s very easy for SEOs to say that images make the website download speed slower and we should avoid using them but is it feasible/advisable that a website shouldn’t have nice graphics to attract visitors and encourage them to read more and stay on the website for a longer period?

Using images on the website is not a bad idea as long as they are optimized at their best level. If you also find speed issues on your website, just get your web designer to have a look over the sizes of images first and try to get them optimized through software/tools like Adobe Photoshop, etc. I have also noticed that there are cases when the images look small but their sizes aren’t really small because some web designers would just resize the big images in HTML and reduce their sizes but that doesn’t work at all. So just have a check on them as well.

Once you have optimized images on your website you will notice that the download speed of your website would be enhanced and visitors would love to surf your website.

Reducing JavaScripts

Using too much JavaScript also affects the speed of a website, so your web designer needs to pay attention to the JavaScript which is not necessary for your website, and it’s good to remove them completely. In other words, the usage of JavaScript on websites should be reduced as much as possible.

BTW, let me add here that using minimum JavaScript could also increase the chances of enhancing your SERP ranking as search engines also don’t like JavaScript. Oh yes, SERP stands for Search Engine Results Page.

Minimizing other scripts

Other than Javascript, there are a few more scripts like CSS which can also be responsible for increasing the download time of websites, so it would be good if your web designer could take care of CSS optimization as well.

Using proper redirection

If your website has a few or several 404 or 403 errors, then your web designer or web developer may fix them by redirecting the affected pages properly. For eg., if any of your webpages have been removed permanently then there should be a 301 redirection and if there are some webpages that are removed temporarily, then one may use a 302 redirect.

Again, this will help not only in optimizing the speed of your website but will also help your website to have a higher chance of getting listed in search engine results. Oh, I hear you ask how can we check such 404 and 403 errors. Don’t worry, GWT (Google Webmasters Tool) has all in it. You just need to configure your website for it, and GWT will show you the whole data.


You may also ask your web designer to go for compression to reduce the size of the HTTP response by using Gzip. It reduces the file size on the server itself and your browser may accept it in zip format and unzip it for your users. This process is so fast that the users will be able to see the fully rendered page in a couple of seconds or a fraction of a second. To check whether your web designer has done it correctly or not, you may use the tool

Check the codes properly

After completion of your website development, you need to check whether the codes used by your web developers are error-free or not. I know it’s easy for you to check these codes but here is a tool for you to check your website codes easily So now, your website developers can’t hide anything from you and they are bound to deliver error-free work to you.

You may start using the above tips to check and implement for your website; in the meantime, I will think about some more useful tips to enhance your website speed and come back shortly.