Importance and right time for website redesign

importance of website redesign and right time to redesign a website

Redesigning is an integral part of your website.

If you have a website, you will definitely need to redesign it down the road.

You may be asking “Why do I need to redesign my website in the first place?“.

Well, to answer this question, I have mentioned some of the scenarios or situations where you will be required to redesign your website.

But before that, let’s first understand the benefits of website redesigning. In other words, let’s see what are the outcomes that you can expect when you redesign your website.

importance of website redesign and right time to redesign a website

Redesigning outcome #1: New look for the website

When you hire a website developer to revamp your website, you can expect your website to have a fresh look. In fact, this is perhaps the most obvious expectation that you would have when you redesign your website.

With a new & vibrant website, you can expect your visitors to stay longer on your website. In other words, you may get a lower bounce rate when you redesign your website.

Redesigning outcome #2: Better performance

While redesigning your website, your web designer would upgrade all the plugins or modules of your website. As a result, your website performs better in terms of loading time, browser compatibility, device compatibility, etc.

Redesigning can also help your website to stay protected from different kinds of vulnerabilities.

Redesigning outcome #3: Updated content

When you rebuild your website, you get a chance to update the content (images and texts) on your website. This means now your website visitors will see the updated information like service, office address, products, etc.

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Now that we know what we can expect when we redesign our website, let’s have a look over some of the situations where you need a website redesign.¬†

#1 Outdated design

Is your website design outdated?

Does your website design look old-fashioned?

If yes, you definitely need to redesign your website. 

When you revamp your website with a fresh design, you get the below benefits:

  • Low bounce rate
  • More conversions
  • Better user-engagement
  • Loyal users who will return to your website.

So, don’t wait anymore & hire a website developer to redesign your site.

#2 Outdated plugins or modules

If the plugins or modules of your website have become outdated, then also you need to revamp your website. 

If you don’t, you may have to face several challenges such as below:

  • Lack of performance that could be in the form of slow loading speed, malfunctioning of some features, etc. Redesigning may help you to enhance the loading speed of your website.¬†
  • Lack of security, which means your website becomes vulnerable.¬†
  • Sometimes the outdated plugins or modules can also cause your website to crash¬†intermittently.

#3 Change of business model

Another situation to redesign your website is when you change your business model.

When your business doesn’t run anymore on the old pattern as depicted on your website, you need to revamp your website.

Here are some of the examples of change in the business model:

  • Your business no longer provides the services mentioned on the website.
  • You have changed your line of products entirely.
  • You have changed your business name or company name.

Have you recently changed your business model? If yes, you must hire a web designer to redesign your website according to the new business requirements.

#4 High bounce rate

If your website is experiencing a high bounce rate, redesigning your website can help you.

While a high bounce rate can be caused by several reasons, redesigning your website can cover most of them, such as below:

  • The slow loading speed of webpages.
  • Lack of attractive design.
  • Lack of responsive design.
  • Technical errors or warnings.¬†
  • Lack of security.

Revamping your website can help to reduce the visitors’ bounce rate.¬†

#5 Features enhancement

If you are looking to add new features to your website or modify the existing features, you need website redesign services.

In order to add new features to your site, your website developer may have to switch to another CMS/Platform or set up the website from scratch.

#6 Virus infection

Last but not the least, if your website is infected with viruses and malware, you may need to redesign your website. 

Although, your website builder can help you to fix the security issues on your website, in some cases you may need to overhaul your website for better protection. 

How can redesigning help to fix the virus or malware infection on your website?

  • By setting up the updated version of CMS from the scratch. 
  • By updating or replacing the outdated plugins & modules. 
  • By using a reliable and up-to-date theme for your website. 
  • By removing unnecessary files or codes from your website. 

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