9 common web design mistakes you must avoid

Professional web design is not just a process of creating a website it’s more like building a tool to grow your business. Yes, that’s true. A great website can serve as a sales arm for your company that can help you to get more business and customers.

Therefore, it becomes very important to make sure that your website doesn’t suffer from mistakes that can dramatically impact its effectiveness. In this blog, I am going to share 9 common but drastic mistakes that can affect your website adversely.


Web Design Mistake #1: Poor Navigation

I’ve already shared in many of my previous blogs that a website’s navigation must be logical enough to guide the users and take them to the desired webpage that they are looking for. For eg., if you deal in online flower delivery and your navigation doesn’t have the option for users to select the appropriate occasion to help them choose their products, they will definitely leave your website quickly.

Great website navigation helps users by saving their valuable time & making their decision to buy from your website.

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Web Design Mistake #2: Background Music

When users come to your website, they expect to find the solution to their problem or find the products or services which they have been looking for. They are not really interested in cool background music; rather they expect your website to be effective enough to fulfill their quest.

Web Design Mistake #3: Pop-up Windows

This is one of the biggest mistakes that you may find on many websites. A pop-up window would not only distract the users from their objective of visiting your website, but it also frustrates them with the unexpected appearance of those small windows.

I am not saying that you must avoid using pop-ups completely as they can sometimes be a productive part of an interface, but I advise you to make sure that you must not show pop-ups to the users who have already seen & closed them once.

You may ask your website designer to show the pop-ups on the basis of the active session of each user so that each user should see them only once.

Web Design Mistake #4: Lack of Search Engine Friendliness

When you invest so much money in website designing, you definitely expect some return from it and one of the best sources of getting business from the websites is search engines.

When you get a good amount of traffic on your website every day, you will definitely get more customers for your business however for this, it’s very important that a website should be developed in compliance with SEO-friendly norms which include codes validation, loading speed,keywords-oriented content, image optimization, tags optimization, etc. Make sure that your website should not suffer from this mistake.

Web Design Mistake #5: Broken Links

A broken link means a hyperlink that does not exist or has misspelled URL that will show you a 404 page. This is one of the biggest mistakes a website can have.

Broken links would not only affect the browsing experience of users, but they can also affect the search engine friendliness of a website. There are lots of free tools available like XENU that can help you to find the broken links on your website.

Web Design Mistake #6: Slow Loading Speed

Loading speed is something that a web designer should pay attention to. Some of the consequences of a slow-loading website are an increase in the bounce rate of the website & invisibility on search engines.

Even if your website has big images, your website can still be optimized for the image size so that all the webpages should load within 3-4 seconds.

If your website is suffering from the mistake of slow loading speed, you can refer to my blog in which I’ve shared some tips to enhance the loading speed of a website.

Web Design Mistake #7: Outdated Content

Every webmaster should avoid the mistake of having outdated content on their websites because users don’t like to browse a website that contains old or outdated information.

If you are really serious about growing your business from the website, you must make sure that you should update the website content regularly.

Web Design Mistake #8: Absence of Contact Information

At a certain point in time, while browsing through your website, the users may want to view the contact information of your company. Not having complete contact information on your ‘contact us’ page will really make them frustrated and sometimes, they could lose trust in your company as well.

Therefore, you must make sure that your website should have complete contact information along with the mediums to contact you whenever they require your services or products.

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Web Design Mistake #9: Lack of Responsiveness

If your website lacks a responsive web design theme, then you are definitely going to lose credibility among search engines and device users.

A responsive web design would detect the visitor’s screen size & orientation and change the layout accordingly. Since the number of device users has been growing every year, you can’t afford to make the mistake of not having a responsive website.

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