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8 Steps To Find Best & Affordable Web Design Services Singapore

Do you need a website and looking for affordable website design services in Singapore?

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This blog post will guide you on 8 steps that you can follow to ensure not only best & reliable web design services, but affordable too.

Let’s get started.

#1 Know What You Want

If you really want to make your website development experience wonderful, you must know from the first day, what exactly you want.

If you don’t know yourself, your requirements, you won’t be able to convey it to your website designer too. As a result, you may end up paying your website designer for something that you never expected.

The best way here is to know your preferred:

  • Colors
  • Brand identity
  • Images & texts
  • Number of sections or pages
  • Form fields
  • Categories and products, in case of e-commerce website design

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#2 Search For A Website Designer

Once you have acquired all the necessary information that you need for your website design, the next step is to search for a website designer.

How can you find a website designer.

Of course, you can search for a directory (online or offline) however the best way would be to find on search engines like Google.

You can type some keywords like:

Take out the contact details of top 5 website designers from the search results.

#3 E-mail & Arrange A Meeting

Once you have the contact details of some website designers, send them email and arrange for a call or meeting with them.

Why arranging a meeting with your website designer is important:

  • You can share your ideas.
  • You can seek their suggestions.
  • You get to know about their understanding & communication skills.

#4 Seek Ideas From Your Web Designer

During your conversation or meeting with your shortlisted website designer, you may get to know about some ideas, suggestions or some latest trends in the web design industry. 

You may consider implementing these ideas for your website development too.

Add these suggestions in your website requirements and freeze the scope of work with your web designer.

#5 Seek A Quotation Or Proposal

The next step after freezing the website requirements is to seek a web design quotation or proposal from the website designer.

Here are but few of the essential elements of a web design proposal:

  • Website development cost
  • Website development timeframe
  • Payment terms
  • Scope of work
  • Portfolio of your web designer
  • Web design technologies

#6 Compare Web Design Quotes

Once you have received the proposals from various website designers or web development companies, the next step is to compare them.

The web development cost is not the only factor that you must compare before hiring any website designer. Instead, you must compare below qualities too:

  • Responsiveness of your web designer.
  • Portfolios of your shortlisted website designer.
  • Testimonials of your web designer.
  • Project understanding of your website designer.

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#7 Sign A Web Design Contract

Once you have accepted & agreed upon a web design proposal, you must sign a contract with your website developer

Signing a website design contract will help both you and your website designer to follow a common set of guidelines during the whole process of website development.

Below are some of the important clauses of a website design contract:

  • Scope of work
  • Obligations of the website designer
  • Payment structure
  • Non-disclosure agreement
  • Termination of the contract
  • Source codes ownership
  • Restrictions
  • Service warranty

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#8 Be In Touch With Your Web Designer

The last but not the least step to assure reliable yet affordable website design services is to be in touch with your web designer

It’s very important that you must get a regular update on your website development progress, rather than waiting for him or her to complete your website.

The regular update on your website design will help you to:

  • Notice & fix any possible issues during development.
  • Make necessary arrangements for your website launch.
  • Feedback on the updates and modifications to your web designer.
  • Avoid any unpleasant surprise

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