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7 Interesting Facts About WordPress

WordPress web development is an ideal solution for small businesses in Singapore to initiate their online presence. Although many people think that WordPress is good only for blogging and not for website development this is not at all true.

With the introduction and advancement of Custom Post Types, WordPress has become one of the most preferred CMS platforms of many leading brands & web developers worldwide.

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In this blog, I am going to share 7 interesting facts about WordPress.

Fact #1: Around 74 Million Websites Use WordPress

Yes, you saw it right. Close to 74 Million websites depend on WordPress.This clearly shows that most businesses worldwide prefer to choose WordPress for their website development.

Fact #2: WordPress Powers Some of the Leading Brands

All those WordPress website owners must be happy to know that some of the leading brands’ websites are powered by WordPress.

Fact #3: Over 30,000 Free Themes & 29,000 Plugins

There are more than 30,000 WordPress themes that are available free to use and there are more than 29,000 plugins (free & paid) that can enhance your website and take it to the next level.

Fact #4: 6 WordPress Websites Each Second

Sounds unbelievable but various reports state that each second there are 6 websites that are built using WordPress. With this number, you can have an idea about the popularity of WordPress and its preference for website development.

Fact #5 Popular in the Business World

Out of all the business websites worldwide, the share of WordPress websites is higher than other CMS platforms.

Fact #6 Maximum Searches

If we compare the searches done by users worldwide for WordPress, Joomla, or Drupal WordPress has the highest number of searches. People search keywords like ‘WordPress’, ‘WordPress Help’, ‘WordPress Themes’, or ‘WordPress Plugins’ in abundance.

Fact #7 WordPress Employs Close to 229 Employees

Now, this is really an amazing fact about WordPress they have close to 229 employees only (as estimated at the date of writing this blog). When you look over the statistics of their users, growth, and other facts, it’s really very strange to hear that WordPress employs close to 229 employees only.

Considering the above facts, WordPress website development should be the preferred choice for all companies & individuals especially small businesses in Singapore.

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