6 Frequently asked mobile app development questions that our clients ask

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Are you looking for mobile application development services to create an app? Check out this blog post. 

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In this blog post, I have shared 6 frequently asked questions (FAQs) that most of our clients or prospects raise before proceeding ahead to build their apps.

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If you are creating your mobile app for the first time, you may also have several queries or questions to ask your app developer. 

However, you may not be able to gather these queries during your first meeting with the developer or web designer

Or you may miss out on an important question to ask your developer.

Therefore, I have put together 6 frequently asked questions that are related to mobile app development services, for your reference. 

Let’s start. 

#1 How much is the cost to build my app?

Since the cost to develop a mobile application is higher than the web development cost, most of the business owners are curious about it. Therefore, this is the first question that we, as a mobile application provider, are being asked.

“How much is the cost to build an app?” 

“How much you will charge to develop my mobile app?”

Well, the answer to this question is, it depends. There is not any standard pricing for mobile app development.

While a simple mobile app can cost you between $5,000 to $15,000, a complicated application may cost you between $25,000 and $50,000 or more.

What are some of the examples of a simple mobile app?

  • Online booking/reservation mobile apps
  • Basic e-commerce mobile application
  • An app with basic calculating features.

Examples of a complicated mobile app:

  • Car hire/sharing mobile application
  • Properties buying/selling or renting mobile app
  • On-demand services mobile app
  • Social networking mobile apps
  • Dating apps

What kind of app do you need?

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#2 What technologies do you use?

This is yet another frequently asked yet important question that our prospects ask us. 

“What technologies do you use to build an app?”

“What kind of apps do you develop?”

“Which technology or platform would be suitable for my mobile app development”?

At Innomedia, we create native mobile applications that are the most reliable and robust. Therefore, we use SWIFT to build iOS apps and JAVA for developing Android mobile apps. 

For web services, we use PHP, MySQL, JS, AJAX, XML, CSS.

What are the different methods to create an app?

Below are the 3 popular kinds of apps that most of the developers build. 

  • Native apps
  • Hybrid apps
  • Web apps

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#3 How much time does it take?

“How much time will you take to build my app?”

“How soon you can complete my mobile app development?”. 

These are some of the other common questions that we are being asked by our customers or prospects. 

The timeframe to develop a mobile application may vary between 2 months to 6 months and sometimes even more than that. 

Need some examples?

A basic e-commerce app may take 2-3 months to complete while a social networking mobile app may take more than 6 months to develop. A coffee shop app may take 2 months to complete and a dating mobile app may take 4-5 months. 

Again, the more complicated a mobile app is, the more time it takes to build. But one thing is for sure.  It takes more time to build a mobile app as compared to a website.  

If you are on a tight deadline, you must ensure that your shortlisted app developer is able to complete your application within the given timeframe. 

#4 Who owns the source codes?

Especially in case of mobile applications that are based on a unique concept or idea, the ownership of source codes is an important concern. 

Our prospects usually ask us “Who will own the source codes?” or “How you will handover the source codes to me?“.

At Innomedia, we always handover the source codes to our clients after completing their mobile application development. 

If you really want to make sure that you own the copyrights of your mobile app, you can also consider entering into a formal agreement with your app maker to ensure that it would be you who will own the source codes. 

Generally, your mobile app developer shouldn’t object or have any issues in signing the agreement to make you the owner of the source codes. 

Additionally, he or she must handover the source codes to you after your app completion. 

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#5 What about the support?

No matter how efficiently you check your mobile apps, it’s likely that you may still face some issues or bugs after making your apps live. If your mobile app builder doesn’t provide any support or warranty for their works, you may have to pay to fix those issues. 

Therefore, this is another important question that our prospects ask before hiring us for their mobile apps development. 

They would ask questions like “Do you provide support after the job completion?” or “What kind of support will I get from you after you develop and launch my apps?“.

At Innomedia, we provide a free support or service warranty for 3 months after the apps are launched. And we help our clients to fix any kind of issues or bugs that may appear, at not charge. 

#6 What are your payment terms?

Last but not the least, before entering into a formal contract, our prospects ask us about our payment terms. So they would ask questions like “What are your payment terms?” or “In how many instalments do I need to pay the app development cost?“.

Usually, most of the app developers charge 50% downpayment to commence the job and remaining 50% upon completion of the app development. 

At Innomedia, we also follow the payment terms of 50/50 however in some cases, we also split the payment terms into 3 or 4 instalments that depends on the total cost & timeframe of the project. 

In other words, we split the total cost of app development based on different milestones such as below:

25% down payment to get started.

25% after completion of wireframes.

50% upon completion of app development. 

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