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6 FAQs related to e-commerce website design cost

No doubt, an e-commerce website can help you to expand your reach and sell your products & services to the masses. 

In today’s competitive world, businesses need smart ways to sell their stuff without having their customers visit them. And an e-commerce website can do this job seamlessly. 

Why should you create an e-commerce website?

If you are still not sure whether you should build an e-commerce store or not, below are some solid reasons for you to agree:

  • Your e-commerce store will be available for your customers 24/7 which means your potential buyers can place their orders anytime, from anywhere. 
  • An e-commerce website helps you to broaden your brand reach. We are not talking about a street or a city here. You can sell your products & services internationally, with the help of an online store. 
  • The e-commerce website cost is much affordable than setting up a local brick-n-mortar business. 
  • An e-commerce website doesn’t require a warehouse. It can accommodate hundreds or even thousands of products without requiring even a single square foot of land. 

Wow, with these great benefits, you simply can’t miss out on building an e-commerce store for your business. Isn’t it?

But here’s the thing. 

Many of you may be wondering about the e-commerce website cost. Perhaps, some of you may be thinking that it will cost you a fortune to create an e-commerce store.

6 FAQs related to e-commerce website cost

Don’t worry. You’re not alone. 

Sadly, many business owners never even think about building an online store just because they are not aware of the web development cost involved in creating an e-commerce store. 

In this blog post, I’ve shared 6 frequently asked questions (FAQs) that most of my prospects & clients ask me when they intend to set up an e-commerce website. 

These FAQs may also help you to finalize your decision to create your dream e-commerce store. 

Let’s get started!

#1 How much is the e-commerce website cost?

The e-commerce website cost in Singapore may vary based on 2 factors. Firstly, it depends on your requirements and secondly, which company or website developer do you hire. 

On average, a Singapore web developer may charge you somewhere between $2000 to $5000 for creating a basic e-commerce website. 

However, a web design company in Singapore may charge you more than $5000 to create a basic e-commerce store. 

I won’t advocate whether you should hire a developer or a company, but before going with any of these options, you must make sure to check their credentials, past works, and support. 

#2 Can I save my e-commerce website cost?

If you are on a budget to build your e-commerce store, there are a few ways in which you can save your development cost:

  • You can choose WordPress to build your e-commerce website. 
  • Instead of a custom theme, you can buy a WordPress theme
  • Go for a reliable yet affordable web hosting company.
  • Learn the CMS yourself so that you don’t need a developer to make changes to your website. 

#3 How much is the hosting cost?

The cost to host your e-commerce website may vary depending on the hosting company. 

The domain name cost

The average cost to secure a domain name (.com) is between $15-$20 per annum however it may go up to $60 per annum if you choose to buy a domain with ‘.com.sg’ or ‘.sg extension’. 

The cost of web hosting

For web hosting, you may end up paying between $100 to $200 per annum for shared web hosting. 

#4 Are there any hidden costs?

Sometimes your web developer may have to use different plugins to integrate several features with your e-commerce website. Some of these plugins may be available free of cost however you may need to pay for some of them on an annual basis or monthly basis. 

Although these are not hidden costs, if your developer doesn’t inform you about these recurring costs, it may seem like a shocking hidden cost to you. 

#5 How much will be the maintenance cost?

Website development is not a one-time thing. We all know that. If you have a website, you do need to maintain it regularly. 

You need to maintain your e-commerce website to:

  • Protect your website from different types of security threats. 
  • To keep the content of your website up-to-date.
  • To update all the plugins and theme of your website. 

And if you don’t have the required technical skills to maintain your website, you may have to hire a web developer for maintaining your website. 

So, you must include the maintenance charges in your overall e-commerce website cost as well.

#6 How much is the cost to hire a developer?

Even after the completion of your e-commerce website development, you may need the assistance of your website developer to add new features to your website. 

In other words, you may need to spend on your website when you hire a website developer to add some new features to your website. 

Therefore, you must hire only an affordable yet reliable & efficient website developer who should work with you in the long-run as your technical partner. 

Some e-commerce developers may bill you on an hourly basis while others may provide you an estimate on an ad-hoc basis. 

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