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5 Important steps to redesign a website

Website development is not a one-time thing. 

You do need to maintain it regularly and even redesign it when required. But the problem is that most of the webmasters either don’t know when is the right time to revamp their website or what are the steps involved in website redesigning. 

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In this blog post, I’ve shared 5 important steps that are required to redesign any website. Some of the websites that have tones of features may require more than 5 steps, but here I am talking about a basic corporate website or e-commerce store. 

Before I share these steps, let us see why do you even need to redesign your website?

You do need to redesign your website if:

  • You are not getting enough conversions from your website.
  • Your website is loading slow. 
  • Your website’s bounce rate is too high.
  • Your website shows up a lot of errors
  • The design of your website is outdated

Let’s get started. 

#1 Website Design

One of the major reasons to redesign any website is to change its look. Therefore, it does make sense to start with the website design first.

For creating a mockup or design file, you will need assistance of a website designer.

In order for your web designer to come up with a layout that’s closer to your expectations, you need to provide him with:

  • Reference websites that you like.
  • Logo and images that you will prefer on your website.
  • Sitemap of your new website.
  • Preferred color combination.

Providing all of the above information will make your redesign process much easier. 

#2 Content Sitemap

Once the website design is ready, the next step is to plan the content sitemap. Yes, before moving to the development process, you must have at least your content sitemap ready with you so that your website developer can build the sections of your website accordingly.

In your content plan, you may decide:

  • Whether you will have a blog on your website or not.
  • How many services & service categories you would like to showcase on your website. 
  • Will you have just simple about us page or you will mention your mission, vision etc.?
  • Will you have any news section on the website?
  • Will you show testimonials from your exiting customers?
  • Will you have a career page on your website?
  • What will be the terms & conditions and privacy policy on your website?

And more…

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#3 Website Development

Once you have prepared the content sitemap of your website, the next step is to get started on website development. You can share your content sitemap with your website developer so that he can build the architecture of your website accordingly.

The development stage of your website redesign process is crucial because here you need to decide upon using the best platform to build your website. 

If your existing website platform or CMS is giving you troubles, you must decide to switch to a new one. 

Among all the CMS options available today, WordPress is the best of them.

Here are few reasons for your to choose WordPress for your website development.

  • WordPress is free to use & customize.
  • WordPress is scale-able
  • WordPress developers are available at affordable cost
  • Most of the WordPress plugins are either free or nominally charged.
  • Most of the WordPress themes are affordable & mobile-responsive too. 
  • WordPress backend is easy-to-understand, even for novice webmasters.

So, you must insist your website developer to use WordPress for your website revamp. 

#4 Website Testing

Testing is one of the crucial steps of development and redevelopment of any website. 

It is likely that even after your website developer has tested your website, there may be some uncovered bugs. 

Therefore, you must ensure that you too, take some time and test your website before making it live. 

Here are 9 important reasons for you to test your website:

  • To ensure that all of the features on your website works.
  • To ensure that your website is accessible on all types of browsers.
  • To ensure that your website loads correctly on all kinds of smart devices.
  • To ensure that your website loads quickly.
  • To ensure that your website is easily indexed by search engines.
  • To ensure that your website visitors are able to send you enquiries.
  • To ensure that your potential buyers are able to go through the checkout process and buy your products hassle-free, in case of e-commerce websites.
  • To ensure that your website is secure.
  • To ensure that there is no grammar or spelling mistake on your website. 

#5 Website Maintenance

Website is not something that you can develop, shut and forget. It needs regular maintenance. If you don’t maintain your website regularly, you may need to redesign your website frequently.

In order to save your time, energy & money to redesign your website frequently, you must ensure that you have a website maintenance plan.

Here are 7 major reasons for your to maintain your website regularly:

  • To keep your website secured
  • To ensure that your website has updated content & information, always.
  • To avoid having any broken links on your website. 
  • To make sure that your website has updated images.
  • To make sure that your website plugins & themes are always updated. 
  • To update the core version of your website development platform. 

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