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5 Best SEO Plugins For Your WooCommerce Website

An e-commerce website without any traffic on it is worth nothing. The core objective to build an e-commerce website is to get relevant traffic and convert them into paid customers. Isn’t it?

And when we talk about the relevant traffic, SEO is perhaps one of the best mediums to get it. From the day one, you or your website developer must consider all the aspects of your website development from SEO point of view.

plugins seo wordpress

Even if you never gave any serious thought on your website during its development, you can still use some of the best plugins to enhance SEO score of your WooCommerce website.

In this blog post, I have shared 5 such SEO plugins that can help your WooCommerce website to attract more traffic & grow your sales.

#1 Yoast SEO

wordpress yoast seo

Although there are many SEO plugins available to integrate with any WooCommerce website, my favourite pick is Yoast SEO.

Here are but some of the major features that you get when you use Yoast SEO:

  • Suggestions on writing SEO-friendly content based on your primary keywords.
  • Showing the quality score of contents in terms of SEO & readability.
  • Suggestions on writing meta tags (title & description tags) based on your keywords.

So, if you want your e-commerce website to secure higher positions on search engines, Yoast SEO is for you.

#2 Google XML Sitemap

Google XML Sitemap WordPress Plugin For SEO

XML sitemaps helps your website’s content to get indexed in search engines. It helps SEO crawlers to discover your website contents and links.

Google XML Sitemap plugin automatically generates a sitemap for your WooCommerce website and make it easier for search engines to index your webpages.

All you need to do is just configure some settings. After that, you don’t need to worry about submitting the XML sitemap to search engines. 

This plugin automatically add news pages to the XML sitemap as and when they are published.

#3 GA Google Analytics

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Any SEO activities done without measuring its results is of no use. You can’t track & improve your website’s SEO unless you measure the performance.

In order to track the performance of your WooCommerce website’s SEO, Google Analytics is the best tool. This tool is available for you free of cost to signup and use. 

You can simply signup with Google Analytics and install a plugin like “GA Google Analytics” that will start analysing the users’ behaviour on your website.

The best part of using “GA Google Analytics” is that you can install & activate it on your own, without hiring any web developer.

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#4 Broken Links Checker

Broken Links Checker WordPress Website SEO

If your e-commerce website has a lot of webpages and products, it may increase the chances of mishandling of page & links management.

You may link a specific image or word to any webpage today and after few months or years, you may remove or rename that webpage, resulting in a broken link.

How do broken links affect a website?

Broken links can directly affect the SEO score of any website. Therefore, if you really want to maintain the SEO score of your WooCommerce website higher, you must ensure that there is no broken link on your website.

Of course, it’s not easier for you or your website developer to keep an eye on all the links of your website, especially in case of e-commerce websites where you have hundreds or thousands of pages.

What’s the solution then?

You can find out the broken links on your website through an efficient plugin like “Broken Links Checker“.

#5 W3 Total Cache

W3 Cache WordPress Website SEO

Did you know that it’s important for any website to load faster in order to secure higher positions on search engines? Yes, all of the major search engines like Google do not like websites that load too slow.

Although there are several ways to enhance the loading speed of your WooCommerce website, “W3 Total Cache” plugin can help you to improve the loading speed of your store.

All you need is install “W3 Total Cache” plugin and set necessary configuration. If you are unsure about these configuration settings, do consult your web designer.

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