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Tags & Categories issues with search engines

Have you ever faced the problem of duplicate content while using WordPress blog tags and categories? Have you seen the same content appearing on various different tag URLs like /blog/tags/online-marketing/? If your answer is yes, then you must take action to fix this problem because this can really hurt your […]


5 points to understand the basics of SEO

Are you new to SEO? Or you don’t understand the SEO reports sent by your SEO consultant? Is your SEO company not able to explain to you the basics of SEO? Do you want to verify whether your SEO company is doing all the necessary activities for your website or […]


What is Hummingbird Update by Google? Is it Good or Bad?

Hummingbird is the largest update made by Google to its search algorithm since 2001. Several webmasters and search engine optimizers have taken it wrongly and in a negative manner however, it’s not really bad at all. If you care to have high-quality content on your website and still chasing relevant […]


Latest trends of SEO activities

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) has always been a hidden treasure for many internet marketers because most of them would not achieve even a small share of it and therefore treasure remains a treasure, always.I know most of the search engine optimizers who are reading this blog would not agree with […]