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Wordpress security

6 Best Plugins to Make Your WordPress Website Secured

With the growth of web technologies & web professionals, there has been a huge advancement in the field of spamming and hacking too. There could be an evil eye on your website so you must make sure that you take every possible precaution to safeguard your web pages from those […]


5 Best Anti Spam Plugins For WordPress

Have you been learning WordPress & trying to set up forms on your website with Captcha but still getting lots of spam emails? I can really understand your pain if you are searching for the best anti-spam plugins which you can install on your WordPress and get rid of those […]


Error Establishing a Database Connection in WordPress

If you have been using WordPress for your web design, then it is likely that you may have been confronted with the issue of “Error Establishing a Database Connection” which in itself is a curse. It also happens sometimes that you may see this error while you are learning WordPress […]


5 common WordPress issues and their solutions

While it’s true that learning WordPress is not very difficult but at times you may be frustrated because of some unusual errors while developing/maintaining your WordPress website. Based on my past experience and my clients’ emails, I have gathered a few of those common issues which may occur on a […]