Why Google Analytics is important for measuring results from SEM & SEO efforts

A lot of meticulous planning goes into making an online business a success. It is an unfortunate fact that all that planning which is based on one’s knowledge of internet marketing can go to waste in case the results are not measurable.

While it really is unfortunate, it is a liberating fact too as this gives you the much-needed opening to know more about the new theories, practices, and ideas in the search engine marketing sector and see for yourself which one gives your website a competitive edge over the others and which one doesn’t work.

Analyse Your SEO & SEM Campaigns

Today almost all reputed SEM companies and freelance SEM experts & SEO consultants in Singapore agree on the fact that the best way to measure the effectiveness of organic search engine marketing is to make use of Google Analytics.

Google Analytics is a free tool that provides the administrator with comprehensive website user statistics thereby presenting them with a platform to analyze the behavior of the website visitors. This tool essentially enables you to improve the on-site user experience that helps you to achieve your business objectives. You get to know whether the traffic you are getting is actually fulfilling your objectives of generating leads, sales, and newsletter sign-ups or not.

A detailed look at the analytics will make it clearer why Google Analytics is vital for measuring results from one’s SEM efforts:

1) It helps to identify different segments of the visitors to a website based on the metrics that the website owner is interested in.

2) It becomes easier to know where the visitors are coming from, which page exactly they visit, which segment(s) hold their attention for the longest time, and so on.

3) Analytics tool enables the website owner to identify trends and make the best use of them to improve the SEO/SEM campaign. For example, one can see on which days of the week the most visitors came to their website. They can also find out exactly which search engine the bulk of the traffic is originating from and much more.

4) Keyword research is of immense importance in the SEO process. Google Analytics renders the keyword selection more accurate. You can see which keywords are more beneficial for your website than the others.

5) Tracking your goals and conversions become easier and you can see where your leads and sales are really originating from. The data shows results for both SEM & SEO.

It must be mentioned here that Google Analytics also helps you to analyze & tweak your various advertising campaigns. You can also customize your profiles and reports so that you get easy access to the information you really want.


Spending money, resources & time on your SEO & SEM campaigns is worth only when you have a foolproof method of tracking your visitors and their behavior which can be achieved easily with the help of Google Analytics.

So, next time when you hire a website developer, make sure to get the Google Analytics script integrated with all the pages.