Additional Costs Of Developing A Mobile Application That You Must Know

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Are you wondering how much does it take to develop a mobile application?

Typically, a traditional mobile app costs a fortune to develop. To develop and deploy an app, the cost starts at $10000 and could go up to 1,00,000 or even more. But luckily there are some affordable app developers who will help you to develop & launch your mobile apps at considerably lower prices.

mobile apps development cost singapore

Other than the development cost of a mobile app, there are a few other costs that may spring up during the development. However, many people tend to fix their minds on the cost of app development only and are thus caught unaware whenever any hidden cost arises.

In this article, I will explain to you some of the common hidden costs during mobile app development. If you are aware of these costs, you can easily set the budget for the cost of your mobile app.

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These hidden costs have been divided into 3 major categories.

#1 Functional Services

Under the category of functional services, your app’s development cost may increase due to the integration of push notifications, SMS services, administration services, or content management services. Let’s talk about these items one by one:

A. Push Notifications

Almost every app out there needs a push notification service. This is because it increases the engagement of users and encourages them to make the desired purchase.

A point to be noted here is that most mobile app developers won’t include push notification services in the original quotation of your app development. And when you realize the necessity of these services at a later stage, they may charge you additional money to incorporate push notifications.

So, do make sure that push notification services do not spring up as a hidden cost for you, while it’s an integral part of the success of any mobile application.

B. SMS Services

Although, it seems quite normal and obvious to incorporate SMS-sending features with your mobile application, do make a note that these services require additional cost.

The cost of SMS services may depend on the package that you subscribe to.

C. Admin Services

Administrative service thrives on an accessible, user-friendly, and intuitive administrative dashboard.

An intuitive admin section enables you to access your data or update contents without needing to consult the IT department.

Though the cost of this service differs based on different apps, it is usually hard to anticipate. However, they pay off at the end of the day.

Most mobile app developers don’t include the admin section in their app development proposal. It is therefore essential that you request them to include this amount in your overall app development cost.

D. Content Management Services

Changing & editing the contents of your app is quite essential, which you may need to do frequently. And this can be easily achieved with the help of CMS (content management system) which allows you to manage the content of your app easily.

Again, your app developer may charge you additionally for including CMS services on the backend of your application, if it wasn’t decided initially. So, in order to avoid these extra costs to build your mobile app, you must ensure to include the CMS services in your mobile app design proposal.

#2 Infrastructure Services

The infrastructure services of an app include its hosting, data storage, and content delivery. Let’s talk about the components of infrastructure services in detail.

A. Server

A server is a virtual space where an app is hosted. The cost to host an app on both iTunes & Play Store may cost you between $100 to $200 per annum.

B. Data Storage

Other than the app hosting, you also need a server to store all of the data and web services. For this purpose, you may need to signup with a web hosting provider. These could be additional charges that may cost you between $200 to $2000 per annum.

C. Content Delivery Network (CDN)

A CDN helps to spread content to apps based on the origin of the server content, the content delivery server, and the location of the users. Companies like Akamai, Dyn, and Cloudfront, provide CDN services. The CDN charges will depend on your data and the location of your server.

#3 Support Services

Developing a mobile app is not sufficient alone. You will also need to hire a mobile app developer to provide you with support and maintain your app and server regularly. These services include but are not limited to app updates, bug fixing, and maintenance.

A. App Updates (iOS & Android)

Every now and then, iTunes & Play Store get upgraded or updated due to which your app may also require an update. The cost to update your apps depends on the complexity of the work involved. A professional mobile app developer may charge you somewhere $50 per hour.

B. Bug Fixing

Your users may report some bugs or errors on your application when they start using it. So you will have to hire an app developer to fix those bugs for which they may charge you $50 per hour.

Most app development companies and developers provide a 6 months warranty. So if the bugs and errors have aroused within the warranty period, you don’t need to pay anything for fixing those bugs.

C. Maintenance Cost

Be it a website or a mobile app, you need to maintain it regularly. In the maintenance package of your mobile app, you may get services like app version upgrades, bug fixing, implementing add-ons & making iterations.

Usually, when you hire a mobile app developer for your app maintenance, you don’t need to pay them additionally for bug fixing and updating your apps for iTunes & Play Store, as I mentioned above.

However, the cost to maintain your app may start from $10,000 a month and could go higher depending on the complexity of your application.


Before you enter into a contract with your app developer to build your application, you must check all of the above points so that you can mention everything in black & white before you proceed to develop your app. These small but significant checks will avoid future surprises that may spring up as hidden charges.

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