11 Things to consider before hiring a mobile app developer

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It has become evident in the recent years that the future of internet technology is the mobile phones. With the phones getting smarter every day, it is no wonder that our dependency on them has been increasing manifolds. 

Even for businesses, mobile phones have managed to make the B2B and B2C working systems much more suitable. 

Having a mobile app for your business has now become a necessity as opposed to a preference.

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It is possible that you do not have technical support in your company to address this issue and create a mobile application for your business as you might not have anticipated its importance earlier or because you are a start-up, but there are other viable options that one can look at. 

The best and easiest option is to hire a mobile app developer

Mobile app development companies tend to have an army of trained mobile app developers who have the required expertise and experience to fulfil all the requirements set by you for your desired app development.

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Here are 9 things to consider before hiring a mobile app developer:

Before hiring an affordable mobile app developer, it is important to make sure that you have gathered significant information about their background, work experience, clientele etc. 

One needs to consider both the mobile app developer as well as the mobile app development company before finalizing on your chosen one.

Questions to ask your Mobile App Developer.

1. What's Your Experience In Apps Development

If a mobile app developer has significant experience, he/she will be able to understand your requirements better and work accordingly. 

They will be able to show you excerpts of their work for you to judge and check if they have the necessary expertise to create the mobile app that you require.

2. What's Your Qualification?

Having a certification from a reputable institution is definitely an important factor to look into before hiring a mobile app developer

These certifications will help you distinguish between mobile app developers and dependable mobile app developers.

3. Which App Platform You've Worked On?

Due to the outpour of various mobile companies in the market, there are now a variety of platforms that are in use. 

It is important to make sure that your application does not get lost in the myriad of platform and that it is accessible by customers across all platforms. 

Hence hiring a developer who is an iOS developer as well as Android developer becomes necessary (since these two are the most common platform).

4. What's Your Technical Understanding For My App?

It is extremely advisable to interview the candidate before hiring them. This would help you to understand how much technical knowledge they hold related to the domain and how apt they would be in delivering the service at hand.

5. How You Will Communicate With Us?

Communication is the key to any successful relationship. Throughout the process of application development, it is imperative that the app developer and the business owner communicate about the issues, challenges and outcomes at every step. 

Hence, having an app developer who can easily understand the requirements and then translate them into action and come up with innovative solutions for the problems faced, will definitely go a long way in seamlessly creating the perfect application for your company.

6. How Good Is Your Team?

Two minds are better than one, this holds extremely true for a mobile app developer. 

Your chosen developer should not be a lone wolf and should always look to his superiors for knowledge and help whenever in doubt. 

There are bound to be moments when the developer will be facing certain challenges that may seem beyond him, for which he/she might need to ask ahead for advice.

7. Do You Follow Certain Coding Ethics?

Although, it is impossible to judge if a person follows clear coding ethics in one sitting, this should be part of an ongoing process. 

Don’t let a bad code destroy an otherwise well-researched and decent product.

8. How About Your Past Mobile Apps Work?

A Company is as good as their portfolio. It gives you a list of their past projects, the platforms they have worked upon, the kind of coders that they hire with among various other aspects. 

This will give you a clear idea of what kind of company you are going to deal with and what to expect out of them.

9. What Does Your Clients Say About You?

You can easily judge a company based on the feedback that they receive from their previous clients.

Check their testimonials from some of their clients and find out the support & quality that your app developer can provide you with. 

Creating a mobile application is an important aspect for your company’s development and it is hence important that your thoughts and ideas get translated into a working app in the best possible manner. 

If you are interested in hiring an affordable mobile app developer with required expertise and experience to help you along your journey, you may contact us. We wish you all the very best for this journey.