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8 Essential Features Of An Event Mobile Application

Do you want to develop a mobile application for your events business? 

Perhaps, you are thinking to create a mobile app for your training or seminars that you hold every year.

mobile app development for events

Before you hire an app developer to build a mobile application for you, do ensure that your application has all of the required features to make it successful.

In this blog, I have shared 8 such essential features that your event mobile app must have.

Let’s start.

#1 Itinerary

An itinerary feature will help your attendees to view all of the sessions, workshops and events that he or she has pre-registered. This is especially important if your participants attend multiple events. 

All of the events must be moved under the itinerary section of the mobile app immediately after enrolment/booking process. 

Additionally, you may allow your attendees to mark any of the events as their favourite so that your application will show them relevant events in future. 

It would be even better if you can request your app developer to show a personal calendar within the application for each member to view their past & upcoming events.

#2 Sponsor Listing

Your app must also showcase the list of sponsors & exhibitors for every event. Further, you can show the detailed information about each of the sponsors. 

This information could be their company name, website URL, phone number, email and so on.

You can also invite new sponsors to contact you through your app. Perhaps having a sponsorship form in the sponsor listing page would be helpful.

#3 Floor Map

To make it easier for the attendees reach the event venue on time and hassle-free, you can upload a floor map. It is important to note here that your mobile app system must allow you to upload the floor maps for each and every event separately.

Additionally, you can also upload videos or 360 degree views to show the appropriate directions to the attendees.

#4 Facility Map

To make themselves prepared, the attendees must be able to view the facility map that shows the list & location of amenities around the event venue. 

For instance, you can highlight the nearby restaurants, coffee shops, general shops and other basic locations.

#5 Trainer/Presenter Information

This is perhaps the most important information that must be shown in your events mobile app. Each and every event’s trainer or presenter must be introduced in brief within the application.

If possible, you can also showcase some of their previous performances’ videos. It helps the attendees to know about their trainers or presenters in advance.

#6 Push Notifications

I can’t over-emphasise the importance of having push notifications feature in an event app. It can help you in several ways.

For instance, if you wish to send out some important message related to an event like time changes, venue changes etc., you can simply do that with the help of push notifications. Your attendees will get the message directly on their devices, almost instantly.

A push notification can also help you to send out messages to your past attendees, about the new events or seminars that they may be interested in.

#7 Social Media

In order to get more number of registrations & bookings for your events, you can introduce a social media sharing feature on your mobile app. It shouldn’t be a big task for your app developer to implement this feature.

This small feature can do wonders for your business. The users can share details of an event with their friends & colleagues that will end-up helping you with getting more & more bookings.

#8 Feedback & Survey

Last, but not the least, a feedback option is very important for an events app. You must encourage your attendees to provide feedback about your events, trainers & presenters. 

It will help you to get useful insights from your attendees so that you can improve your processes in order to meet the expectations of your customers.

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