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15 Things To Include In Your E-Commerce Mobile App To Get More Sales

Building a mobile application is no more a challenge these days but attracting & encouraging the users to buy from your app do take some extra ingredients.

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Although there are several elements which you can incorporate in your e-commerce mobile app to increase your sales, here I am sharing 15 but essential things that you must add in your app.

Let’s dive in.

#1 Make The App Design Simple

Simplicity of design is the key to success, whether its an eCommerce mobile application or a website. We as a human being, love simple things that are easy to understand.

Complicated mobile app designs will do nothing but kill your conversion rate.

Therefore, you must work with your app designer to create a simple yet attractive layout for your mobile app.

#2 Build A User-Centric App

Most of the developers make mistake of building an app that’s not intuitive . They build the apps from their own point of view. They don’t think from users’ perspective.

In order to build a user-centric app, you must know your target audience first.

What’s their age group, preferences, behaviour etc. Once you have all of these details with you, share with your app developer so that he can come up with a user-centric app.

#3 Show A View Cart Button Everywhere

Personally, I have seen many eCommerce apps that would allow you us to add the products to our cart but after that, we have to struggle a bit to find out the “View Cart” button. In some cases, the “View Cart” button is hidden at the bottom and in few cases, it’s not there at all.

To make it easier for the users to view their cart and confirm their order, you must ensure that your app has a prominent “View Cart” button placed at the top and it’s visible to the users once they add any product to their cart.

#4 No Surprises On the Prices

Avoid giving surprises to your users. The pricing on your eCommerce app must be transparent. All the surcharges like shipping cost, taxes etc. must be shown on their cart page.

The more surprises your users will find on your app, the lower will be the conversion rate.

#5 Quality Images

Your users are expected to pay online for placing their orders without getting a feel of your product(s). It is therefore, necessary to use high quality images on your mobile app so that they can at least get a closer look of your products before they make their decision to buy from you.

#6 Appropriate Product Description

Now this is something tricky. 

Some sellers add too much description for their products and some add too little. The description of any product should be as long as it explains the major benefits.

Especially in case of mobile app, where the screen size is small, you must try to optimize the length of product description

It should be as long as it explains your products’ features & benefits and as short as it looks easy-to-read.

#7 Show Urgency

A sense of urgency can help you grab more sales. You can display sense of urgency in 2 ways:

  • Scarcity of products.
  • Limited time offer.

This is perhaps the most effective yet simple way to get more sales & customers.

#8 Show Search Bar

Without a search bar on your app, your users may not be able to find their desired products that may result in low conversion rate. 

Therefore, for an eCommerce mobile app to succeed, it must have a robust search bar that will not only allows the users to search for their products, but will also show them the suggested products.

#9 Allow Filtration

Multi-tier filtration feature on your eCommerce app will help the users to narrow down their search results and choose the product(s) they have been looking for.

Again, a smart filtration feature will help your users to stay engaged with your app and get more orders from them.

#10 Display Support/Contact Info

In order to gain the confidence in your users, your app must display a support or hotline number on all the screens. It will help your potential buyers to call you in case of any queries or confusion.

Apparently, showcasing support/contact info on all the screens of your app will definitely increase your sales as it will increase the level of trust among your potential buyers

#11 Quick Checkout

Not all the users like to spend their time in creating their accounts with any eCommerce app or website. Additionally, no one would either like to fill out lengthy checkout forms.

What’s the solution then.

  • Provide an option of guest checkout to all of your users.
  • Ensure that your checkout form is short & sweet.

#12 Social Media Sharing

Everybody is on social media. Your potential buyers too. 

So, it does make sense to allow the users to share your products among their community, family and friends.

You can request your mobile app developer to provide a sharing feature on all the product screens of your eCommerce application.

#13 FAQ

Providing answers to some of the frequently asked questions will enable your potential buyers self-help & resolve their queries.

#14 Show Reviews

Encouraging your existing customers to write reviews on the products will make them feel important as they will be able to voice their opinions. 

At the same time, these reviews can help potential buyers to make their decision to buy your products.

#15 Push Notifications

A push notification feature on your eCommerce mobile app could be another great way to increase your overall sales. 

Through push notifications, you can send your customers various offers & discounts. 

In other words, push notifications on mobile apps are a great to engage your customers with your brand.

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