7 reasons why you should take the time to learn WordPress

WordPress, as you all know, is an open software Content Management System (CMS). You can choose WordPress to create your budget website design. In this current age no business can survive without an online presence and to have one you must have a professional website.

WordPress is built in a way such that it would help even those who are not very technically advanced to create custom blogs or websites. The numerous themes or features that it has to offer help one to depend less on manual creation and gives us a very fine output. Here we state 7 important points as to why you should learn WordPress website to develop your professional website for your business.


It is absolutely free:

Yes! WordPress is absolutely free. It is open software that can be used by anyone around the globe. It can be downloaded from wordpress.org after which you would need a company to host it for you which is basically at a very low cost. Usually, it would be less than $10 a month with which you can actually host any number of websites you want for that matter.

A good hosting company would provide you with several additional easy-to-install software options too. Fantastico, for example, would help you to get it installed without any hassle such as coding, programming, etc.

It has free training:

The good part about WordPress is that there are a lot of online portals and tutorials out there that would help us to learn WordPress & understand its functioning better. They provide a step-by-step procedure that would help a user to set up the blog or website from the start to the finish without any external help.

It has in-built themes:

WordPress offers you a lot of themes that enable you to create a site or blog without any manual work like coding or programming. You can select from the numerous themes that they have provided to suit your preference and the best part is that you can change the theme you have chosen at any time without affecting your blogs, posts, or content. There are also paid themes in it which would provide you with better features and sophisticated interfaces.


WordPress contains a lot of plug-ins that help you to enhance the site and customize the features that you want. It contains almost 8000 plug-ins which you can install, activate and update according to your requirement. You just need to download it, unzip it, and then just upload it to your plug-in directory.

These plug-ins offer you to add additional features that you need along with the pre-existing features. For example, if you want to track the number of visits, improve your site security, create new content, fight spam, etc, you can just add in the corresponding plug-ins and start using the features.

Free updates:

WordPress notifies whenever there is an update available on the software or the plug-ins and automates the process. Many a time all you need to do is just click on it to automatically update the software relieving the user of the manual hassle.

Search Engine Optimization:

WordPress provides you with several search engine optimization features which help increase your presence online. It provides you the option to optimize your description, meta descriptions, title tags, alt text for images, etc which would help your page to attain more visibility making it the favorite of many companies.

Technical support:

Even though there are no support services available, in case of any technical issues there are several forums on WordPress.org that you could refer to seek help. Various message boards and websites with people ready for assistance can also be found with ease.

Thus these are just a few of the many reasons that you should consider WordPress for your business. The ease of using it has made it everyone’s favorite CMS today!