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Facebook Advertising Services in Singapore

Facebook advertising is not only an effective way to grow your sales & leads but it is also helpful in enhancing your branding and at at the same time it is affordable as compared to other mediums of advertising.

Need More Leads & Sales?

If you want to increase your business revenue by getting more sales & more leads online, Facebook Advertising is the best solution for you.

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We can help you to grow your sales & leads/inquiries through Facebook Ads
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I often meet several startup & small business owners in Singapore who ask me questions like below:

How much does Facebook advertising cost in Singapore?’

What are the best yet affordable ways to increase the traffic on my website and get more sales & leads?

I have limited budget. Can you still help me to grow my business leads & sales?

So I have come up with an economical package for those clients. Because I know most of the startup or small businesses don’t want to invest a lot of money on their websites development.

Our economical package for Facebook advertising costs only $1050/mo. which includes ads spending of $250 while you still get all the features that are required to run a successful online advertising campaign.

Usual Price: $1250/mo.

Offer Price: $1050/mo.
(Includes Ads Spending of $250/mo.)

Why Facebook?

Exposure: With more than 1.40 billion monthly active users (figure as on March 31, 2015),there is no doubt that Facebook exposure can grow your business manifold.Reaching huge number of targeted audience was never so easy in the history of marketing.

Cost-Effectiveness: If you compare Facebook advertising with any other forms of online marketing, you will find that it is quite affordable & therefore it can yield maximum return on investment (ROI) for your business. Reaching your targeted audience with just a cost-per-click of few cents is really an amazing opportunity.

Brand Building: Talking about your products & services on a giant platform like Facebook & sharing your stories with millions of users will definitely generate brand awareness for your business. Time has come when you can compete with the big players in your industry and that too within your budget.

Benefits of Facebook Ads For Business?

Wider Reach Of Audience

With more than 2 billion users, Facebook can help your business to reach wider span of audience than any other online advertising platform. The wider reach of audience simply means more business at affordable price, or in other words, high ROI.

Targeted Audience

Facebook enables advertisers to serve their ads to a targeted audience to get high response at affordable cost. For eg. if you sell trendy jewelry for youngsters, you can target females with age range 18-28. Isn’t it amazing?

Brand Building

When you advertise your products & services in front of millions of users, your business gets recognition. Gone are the days when only giant players could spend money on TV & Radios to build their brands. Now small businesses can also do that.

Cost Effectiveness

If you compare the investment involved in Facebook advertising with other sources of online marketing, you will definitely find Facebook advertising affordable & reasonable.

Detailed Insights

One of the greatest benefits of Facebook advertising is that you get detailed insights of your ad campaign performance. This enables you to improve your campaigns to get better results.

Retargeting Benefits

Our video development team can create enticing videos for your business, services & products. These videos are, then advertised on different platforms like Facebook and YouTube.

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Our Facebook Advertising Plans

Targeted Likes on FB (Per Month)

Cover Image Rotation (Monthly)

Facebook Ads Spending Budget

Monthly Reporting

Conversion Tracking

Facebook Remarketing

Videos Promotion

Creative Designing

Landing Page Designing

Pixel Tracking


$1250/mo. (Now $1050/mo.)









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