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How Twitter can help e-commerce websites to increase traffic

Social media marketing has a very special role in marketing online businesses. Everyone here is aware of this fact but in this article, we will talk about how Twitter can help your e-commerce business to grow.
Below are a few points that we have shortlisted and we really feel that following these points can really increase revenue for your business:
1. Launching event offers: It is very likely that the sale of e-commerce website products increases during festive seasons and other special events. Therefore, it would be a good idea to launch new offers and deals on Twitter during this period. Your followers will surely like it and come to your website to see what you have to offer.
2. Get involved with your followers: Whenever your followers leave comments on any of your products that you have listed in your Twitter feed, you must reply to them or appreciate them for spending their time to view your post and comment on the same.
3. Twitter widget in e-commerce website: Integrating Twitter widgets on your online shopping website is really a good idea to let your visitors know about your Twitter page. You may also show the latest feeds on the footer section of your homepage which should show your latest interesting post and encourage website visitors to visit your Twitter page as well.
 4. Twitter Advertisement: If you have a new product or want to sell out a product at a discount price, then here is a tip for you. Just create a post for that product on Twitter and promote that specific tweet through their advertising module. You may also promote the Twitter account that you maintain for your e-commerce website.
 5. Post Scheduler: There are lots of online tools available which can help you to schedule your upcoming posts and these tools will tweet them at the scheduled time on your behalf. These tools make their lives easier for e-commerce business owners as they don’t require to spare the time to do all these activities and can just focus on their online shop.
There are very few e-commerce business owners who have taken advantage of social media activities because they know how and when to use them however there are still lots of business people who are still struggling to get hold of social media strategies. The difference lies in the level of knowledge to manage and take benefit of social media activities.