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5 Reasons for small eCommerce businesses to choose Woocommerce

When it comes to the most reliable and user-friendly CMS in the world, WordPress stays on top. And why not. WordPress has enabled newbie webmasters to develop and maintain their websites like a pro.

Woocommerce WordPress

WooCommerce adds icing on the cake by providing a robust eCommerce system for WordPress users. Now, the new eCommerce setups don’t need to worry about the development & maintenance costs involved in running an eCommerce business website.

Although, there are many reasons that Woocommerce is undoubtedly the best option to develop eCommerce websites, below are the top 5 reasons to choose Woocommerce.

#1 Woocommerce is Easy

Being a plugin of WordPress, Woocommerce is easy-to-use. Most small eCommerce businesses are worried about the operational costs involved in running an eCommerce website. But with Woocommerce, that’s not the case because it offers easy-to-use features at the backend.

#2 Cost of Woocommerce

There is not much to talk about the cost of integrating Woocommerce with WordPress. WooCommerce is available absolutely free of cost.

Yes, it’s unbelievable how is it possible to develop an eCommerce website with a fee plugin but that’s true. There are thousands of eCommerce websites that have been built using Woocommerce and they are running successfully.

#3 Flexibility in Woocommerce

We all know that the WordPress community is huge, really huge. There are thousands of WordPress developers who contribute to the development of useful plugins to run WordPress websites efficiently.

For Woocommerce also, there are several useful plugins available for eCommerce webmasters to integrate with their online stores and make the users’ experience seamless.

For e.g. if you need an intuitive checkout page, there are several plugins available to use. Or, if you need a comprehensive shipping or payment system for your website, you can find many plugins to do this job for you in just a few clicks.

#4 Designs in Woocommerce

Just like plugins, there are several free and paid WordPress themes that are also available to give an outstanding look to your eCommerce website.

You can change the outlook of your eCommerce website in just a few clicks and without the help of any web designer. Not only this, but you can also manage the placement and positions of different blocks/widgets on your website by simply performing a drag-n-drop task.

Of course, for a high level of design customization, you will always need to seek assistance from a WordPress designer.

#5 Customization of Woocommerce

It’s true that there are many WordPress plugins and themes available free of cost, but not all businesses may be able to use them as they are. In other words, depending upon the specific needs of businesses, there may arise a need to customize them.

As I mentioned that WordPress is a huge community and at the same time, there is an abundance of web developers available, you can hire an affordable WordPress developer who can customize plugins or themes for you.

For theme customization also, you can easily find and hire an eCommerce designer who can shape up your online store with a new and fresh look.