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4 Best SEO plugins for your WordPress ecommerce website

WordPress can’t be labeled as a “blogging platform only” anymore because it has proved to be the world’s most preferred & popular open source to build CMS and eCommerce websites. If you are still not convinced by this statement, do spend a few minutes reading my blog post on 5 myths about using WordPress for eCommerce website development.

Wordpress SEO

Since we are pretty much convinced that WordPress can be a good choice for developing an eCommerce website, the next question arises “how should we optimize WordPress eCommerce websites for search engines?”. Thankfully, there are plenty of WordPress plugins that can help eCommerce websites to rank higher on search engines. In this blog post, I am going to share 4 such great SEO plugins.

#1 Yoast SEO

Yoast SEO is among the most popular SEO plugins that are being used for WordPress-based eCommerce websites.

This tool allows you to manage meta titles, meta descriptions, and meta keywords for each post and page of your site.

With Yoast SEO, you can also add Open Graph metadata, Twitter Cards, Sitemaps, and ping search engines the moment you update your site. It also helps you to write SEO-friendly content for the product pages on your eCommerce website.

#2 Broken Link Checker

Links on a website that show a 404 page not found error when they are clicked, are known as broken links. Broken links are bad not only for user experience but also for search engines.

For an eCommerce website having hundreds of products, it’s likely to have some broken links. The problem of broken links should be considered seriously especially when SEO is a part of your marketing plan.

Broken Link Checker is a free plugin that you can use for your WordPress eCommerce websites. This plugin provides you with a handy report of all broken links on your eCommerce website which you must fix. You can then hire eCommerce developers to fix those broken links.

#3 Rel Nofollow Checkbox

When you link any external website from your website content, you are giving away some credit to that link which can affect the SEO score of your website a bit. This is because the search engine crawlers start following that external website link whenever they find them on your website.

Your eCommerce website, it’s likely to include links to the principal companies of your products. The best way of preventing this problem is to refrain search engine spiders from following external links. This can be done by adding an attribute rel=nofollow to the anchor tags.

Rel Nofollow Checkbox plugin adds a checkbox in the link popup of the text editor which you can check while linking to any external website.

#4 SEO-Friendly Images

Images play an important role in the search engine optimization of an eCommerce website. When you are working on your eCommerce website SEO to achieve higher rankings, you must make sure to optimize all the product images. Image optimization may include providing alt and title attributes to each image.

If you don’t have enough budget to hire an SEO expert to optimize the images, SEO Friendly Images can do this job effectively and conveniently for you.