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I am a seasoned professional online marketer who provides consultancy for search engine optimization,search engine marketing,social media & web development.


I help companies & individuals to learn web development,search engine optimization & search engine marketing.


I work with Innomedia Technologies as CEO and we help companies to build their online reputation by undertaking their web & online marketing projects.

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Get a better website wth Google Webmaster Tools

It is a well known fact that a better website can help you to get loyal traffic who would always want to visit your website again and again.There are several things to consider in the process of making your website

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Drupal Vs WordPress Website Development

Way back in the early years close to 2006,we used to develop majority of the websites using WordPress which was the only known CMS available at that time.The admin panel had a clean structure for the users to manage their websites

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5 Questions to ask SEO Consultant to get best SEO services

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In order to be known for your services,your business needs to have a strong online presence over search engines especially Google,Bing and Yahoo.If your business is not listed on any of these search engines,you will definitely loose a bigger share of

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Image Optimization for e-Commerce Websites & SEO

It is an undeniable fact that e-commerce websites have become a necessity for all of the retail businesses irrespective of their sizes.We also know that the most important element on any e-commerce/online selling websites is their images.Whether its a product image

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Why You Must Invest in SEO Services

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With the increase in competition among online businesses & buyers’ dependency on search engines to find suitable vendor for them;hiring SEO services from experts has become inevitable now.If you have a website and you intend to grow your business using your website,then

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6 SEO Mistakes You Could Make While Blogging

Blogging is not a new trend in the online marketing industry now.Many bloggers write posts to share their thoughts,ideas,products and services but if you notice,most of them do blogging for SEO purpose.What if a blogger writes posts so nicely but due to some

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