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I am a seasoned professional online marketer who provides consultancy for search engine optimization,search engine marketing,social media & web development.


I help companies & individuals to learn web development,search engine optimization & search engine marketing.


I work with Innomedia Technologies as CEO and we help companies to build their online reputation by undertaking their web & online marketing projects.

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Roles of an SEO Consultant

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Very often,I face a common question from my clients “OK, so you are an SEO consultant.Can you let me know what role you will play if we hire you as our SEO consultant?”.I completely understand that a position of SEO consultant is not

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Why You Must Hire SEO Consultant?

I have heard many times from the companies saying “We can’t afford to hire SEO consultant for our company because we have other advertising budgets lined-up already”.I don’t agree that it would be a wise decision to set high priority

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30 Questions to ask before website development

Having a successful website is not so easy even if you hire a top-notch web development company.If you really want to have a website which helps you to grow your business manifold, then you must do some basic exercise which

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Web Design Singapore

The importance of web design is often being ignored by many people however the fact is that a nice web design is the key to success for any business (especially small businesses in Singapore).Let’s imagine a situation where you deal with

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Online money making:Worth or Crap

I was thinking about those people or so-called money making gurus who claim to teach “how to make money online easily” by spending just few hours on internet.I was wondering If they know the mantra of making money so easily,

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Useful wordpress plugins for content marketing

Today I was thinking about the revisions that Google introduces for its search algorithms and how frequent are those revisions.I was also thinking what is it which always remain dominant even after so many changes in search engine algorithms.The only

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